Euroride and emobi are Swiss brands of GreenTech Automobil AG company. The company is located in Zurich, Switzerland

And company can boasts with the fact of being a leading company for research and development of smart mobility products, including electric cars, electric bicycles and electric scooters. With a production plant in Croatia, under the name AKI Group d.o.o., it has an annual production capacity of 50,000 vehicles and accompanying distributors and dealers throughout Europe.


In today's hectic lifestyle, we have forgotten to think about nature and the health of ourselves and others.

Fortunately, a few years ago, Croatia also saw the benefits of electric vehicles. Not only do they make maintenance much easier, they are a cost-effective financial solution for anyone who has decided to use electric vehicles.

Emobi offers you a large selection of electric bicycles where you do not need a registration or driver's license. No fuel costs, no air pollution. Charge the battery of your bike in the comfort of your home or  yard at fantastically low prices.

For routes up to 80 kilometers, electric bicycles or smaller scooters are the ideal solution. There is no trouble around the city crowds or looking for parking in the city center, especially during the tourist season.

To secure your bike, all our models have a built-in alarm,

and to make them even more secure, there are good old padlocks or bicycle chains.

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