Rent a bicycle for fun or use it as an activity, as part of improving your guests' services

or giving in to a downrent. With our innovative and affordable rent-a-bike system,

your rental jobs are reduced to a minimum. Return on investment requires only few rents a month,

depending on price you set, and all above is profit.

For detailed information, please contact our sales experts by e-mail at or or by phone at 023 / 313-590

Rental prices:

1 hour: 40 kuna
2-3 hours: 70 kuna
1 day (24 hours): 130 kuna
1 week (7 days): 110 kuna per day, total of 770 kuna
1 month (30 days): 90 kuna per day, total 2700 kuna
3 months (90 days): 35 kuna a day, a total of 3150 kuna