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Combines the look of a classic city moped with modern rounded lines. It offers the perfect opportunity to complete for everyday tasks such as going to work, going shopping or to another part of the city, as well as trips to more remote outside city locations. Unlike the basic Emobi K2, Emobi K2 Pro is electric bike that has a more powerful 800 W motor that easily maintains a top speed of 45km / h. Thus, the difference is the need for registration, but it allows you to drive short or long distances.

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Dimensions: 1710 * 650 * 1080 mm

Packing dimesnions: 1540 * 330 * 860 mm

Motor: DC motor Brushless 800 W

Battery: 48V26AH Li-Ion

Charging socket voltage: AC110V - 230V

Charging time: 5 - 8 H

Breaks font/rear: disc/disc

Gume FR. & Rr. : 18 "* 2.5

Maximum speed: 42 km / h

Mileage: 70+  km

Homologation: EEC